Paul Merson After Dinner Speaker Testimonials

Paul is one of the most fascinating speakers i have worked with. His stories are interesting and entertaining and he delivers a great evening for the audience.

Paul gave a very open and interesting talk about the highs and the lows of his career in football and his life in general. I found him a charming guy and great company.

Extremely entertaining and brutally honest.

Paul was so open and honest. I thought some areas would be off limits but he could not have been more revealing or amusing about his colourful career.

I thought Paul was a natural speaker with some good stories to tell in his cheeky cockney manner and i found him a charming and honest man. He went down extremely well and you could tell he is a most popular character.

Paul is a very entertaining speaker and undoubtedly a great character with some fascinating stories about his life both on and off the field. One of the best speakers we have had at our annual dinner.

Paul’s friendly approach to all his guestst who wanted to speak to him and obtain his autograph was tremendous. His stories about his life and the characters he played with and against were enthralling.

Refreshing and very honest. The most exciting new speaker to come onto the after dinner circuit.

Paul is one of the best speakers we have booked for our sporting dinners. He was a thoroughly nice guy and so friendly and accommodating to the many guests who required pictures and autographs.